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About Us 

The legislature of the state of California has mandated that at least 50 % of its electricity should come from renewable sources by 2 0 3 0. As such, most property owners are making efforts to have solar systems installed on their properties. It is advantageous to use solar power because it is a clean energy, renewable and easily accessible. Additionally, it is easy to install, use, and maintain solar power systems because there is no technical know - how required. But before enjoying the benefits of solar power, it is prudent to get the ideal experts to do the assessment, installation, and maintenance of the solar systems.

Our company provides a full package of residential, industrial, and commercial solar system installation services to Upland, C A property owners. We offer reliable, professional, and reasonably priced rates on solar system installation services for all properties in the Upland, CA and its surroundings. We assess, install, maintain, and repair solar systems of all types. We also offer free advice on modern solar systems and their general use as well as their functionality and pricing.

Why Hire Us?

We are a company with many years of experience in providing solar systems' installation, maintenance, and repair services. Here are reasons why you should consider hiring us first.

Reliable and High - Quality Workmanship
We boast of a highly qualified team of professionals, technicians, and handymen who deliver high-quality workmanship. We are dedicated to satisfying our clients, and we always put our customers first. Our company also believes in fostering honest and open communication as a way of forging positive working relations with our clientele. We have a friendly approach and dedication to service delivery, which makes us distinct and trusted contractors in the industry.

Certified and Insured

Quality and safety are our major priorities, and that is why we have ensured all our carefully selected and highly qualified staff. All our technicians and handymen are not only insured but also certified as per the basic requirements of the state. This ensures that any major or minor problems on the site that involve such employees will be covered and your property will also be protected. Above all, you can rest assured that they will deliver high - quality work because they are certified to deliver the services that they will offer.

Free Consultation and Site Analysis

Before installing any solar systems, it is ideal to get a site and system analysis, which will enable you to determine the solar system that best suits your site and power and budgetary needs. Our team of professionals offers all the consultation services at no fee, and at the end, we also offer a quotation that enables you to make a budget.

If you are planning to increase your usage of safe, clean, and renewable energy in Upland California, then consider engaging our services.We will do kinds of solar systems' installation, maintenance, and repair work. We guarantee the delivery of reliable and high-quality services in a timely manner and at a reasonable price in the Upland region and all its surroundings.

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