How to Install Solar Panels

August 18, 2017

How to Install Solar Panels?

Inside your home solar power extends, the installation of the solar panels may be a somewhat intimidating stride. Be that as it may, it looks more complicated than it genuinely is. So as to mount solar panels the right way, you should take note of the accompanying four stages to make certain you secure maximum performance from your solar panels. Read on to learn how to mount solar panels appropriately.

How to install the solar panel?

With regards to installing solar panels, there are a couple of things that you have to know keeping in mind the end goal to get your solar power framework to work appropriately. There is no reason for you to burn through thousands of dollars on a solar power framework just to have the install turn out badly because of lack of knowledge.

The entire procedure of installing solar panels on your property starts with purchasing (or making) PV panels and getting other segments like the inverter, batteries, charge controller, and whatnot into your venture shed.

1. Choose either pole or Roof Mounted?

Solar panels are usually mounted on the roof of your home. The reason that is the most widely recognized place for a panel is that it is usually the most astounding spot on your property which usually means it will get the best sunlight. You can place a solar panel in other places, but you should get a stand.

When you install a panel on the top of your home make beyond any doubt you are attaching it to the rafters and not straightforwardly into the plywood. If there is not a rafter where you are putting the solar panel then bore the panel into a 2x4 keeping in mind the end goal to get the same quality.

2. Pick the Location with the Best Solar Exposure

The best location to face the solar panel is toward the South, so if at all conceivable face it that way. If you cannot face the solar panel toward that path then the following best headings are the East and West, never face it toward the North.

3. Attach the Panel Securely

You need the panel completely assembled on the ground to make beyond any doubt you don't have free pieces on the roof, this will make things easier to work with. You want to bore a couple of pilot gaps just to make beyond any doubt you don't part the beams and then fasten your mounting hardware to the beams. Like I said earlier if you don't have a beam then utilize a bit of wood to safely fasten the mounts on the roof. You will want to make beyond any doubt the panel is raised off the roof about three to four inches because it is a demonstrated fact that they work better and last more if there is adequate airflow around the panels.

4. Associate The Wiring Correctly

Since you have the solar panel in place the time has come to associate the wiring. The principal thing you want to make beyond any doubt is that the panel is legitimately grounded. Next, you should interconnect the panels by opening the intersection box on the back and associating one cell to the following until the point that you get to the last cell in which you will interface with the final panel to the separate array intersection box.

5. Have an Electrician Check Your Work

After you have installed your solar panels then it is essential that you get a qualified electrician to check your work on the installation. An electrician can make beyond any doubt that all the connections are made legitimately to guarantee the safety of your DIY solar framework.

Here's a video on how to install solar panel at home:

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